Calidad y servicio


In an effort to meet the expectations that the client has in their orders, we have a competent network of people who ensure the quality and service, to deliver the product in perfect condition. This is the process we follow since we receive an order until the customer receives it.

Calidad y servicio


Since we receive the order until delivery, many people are involved, each one brings the best of himself to meet that demand. Our administrative department that makes sure the correct input of the order in our system, our production department that provides and ensures the delivery confirmation, our quality department, which inspects the product to the end, our shipping department dispatches and identifies if the product is packed properly for perfect delivery.

Calidad y servicio


We believe that the only thing that does not have a second chance is the first impression and that is precisely why our expeditions department makes a security packaging, meeting the environmental standards regarding plastics and closures, so that our product reaches its destination in optimum condition.

Calidad y servicio


Our production department, responsible for meeting the goal, gives us the deadline, following the receipt of raw materials on time and under conditions, verifying the manufacturing process as set forth in technical processes, to deliver the product according to the stipulated.

Calidad y servicio


Once the product is received at our warehouse prior to packaging and shipping, we proceed to a final inspection by our inspection tables, where we verify that the product is compliant and point out the flaws it may contain, for easy identification before sewing.

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