Torres Pradas began in 1975 as an individual (Mr. J. Torres Pradas, pictured, founder of the group) and only as a commercial enterprise.

From here companies were created to exploit different ranges of products: knitting, silk, sportswear, wool, etc.. With sales volume came the creation of an industrial structure.

The first factory was established in the early eighties and had 24 looms. Then followed the dye and the printing and later extended to 75 looms. In the nineties a factory was created with 70 looms and a specialized finishing plant.

Torres Pradas Group currently operates through three companies, each specializing in different fabric types: New JuniorNova Lanería (Novalansa) and Premier Tex.

Currently the Group is led by sons of Mr. J. Torres Pradas: Jose Maria, who runs the business side, Eulalia, in charge of the finance department and Gemma, the head of design.